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Turn multiple select fields into checkboxes. Long drop-downs are a nightmare to use when a list gets beyond a few options. Make your SugarCRM users' lives simplier by transforming these painful fields into a list of checkboxes with just a single line of code, thanks to this add-on.

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#2853 - Checkbox Error

Closed Installation created by chandan Verified Purchase 5 years ago

Dear All,

I installed successfully licensed and your add-on in SugarCRM. I can create meeting with Multi Checkbox. But in Edit view, list view, haven't found any values of multi checkbox field in submitted meeting.

Although I have added 'type' => 'multienum_checked' in array of one dropdown field in \SugarCRM\custom\modules\Meetings\metadata\editviewdefs.php, nothing comes out in edit view. Kindly check the attached file and let us know how to solve it.

Thanks.1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg

  1. Captivea member avatar

    Dear user,

    We need at least : Product used (sugar ? suite ? spice ?) Sugar Version ? (or product version) Php version installed OS used (linux ? windows ?) Php modules installed (php -m in a command line)

    In order to debug asap the issue, please submit to a non production server credentials (for your own security, no sensitive data should be in the database) We will then connect and have a look about what could going wrong.

    Did you try the module on another module as well ? (just for the test) Looking at the screenshoots, the EditView is ok, the checkboxes are displayed, the problem is either in the database (is the records well saved inside database raw data ?) or in Detail View.

    All the informations requested will help us to quick debug the problem


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    Customer has tried to convert a dropdown field type into multienum checked. Please note that for Sugar/Suite, dropdown is a single choice list

    This can't be converted in checkboxes, this is a non-sense ! Users have to use multiselect field type in the studio instead.

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