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#4003 - Contacts and Leads on SuiteCRM 7.11.0 Error 500 after upgrade on Evolpe

Closed Bug? created by george2 4 years ago

Contacts and Leads on SuiteCRM 7.11.0 Error 500 after upgrade on Evolpe latest version

If I Disable the add on everything works back to normal,

I have checked everything but still cannot list view contacts or leads

please help

  1. eVolpe_Consulting_Group-primary-contact member avatar

    Hello, thank you for reporting this issue.

    May I ask you to provide some additional information? Which version of the Mautic do you use? What are the steps to reproduce the problem? Are there any messages in the server logs corresponding to the mentioned error 500? We will be grateful for any information that will allow us to narrow down the possible causes of this issue.

    Would it be possible to schedule a screen sharing session with you? This would allow us to investigate the problem and provide help as soon as possible.

    Best Regards, eVolpe Support Team

    • george2 member avatar


      4 years ago

      Thank you for your answer. I have fixed the issue.

      the issue was because I did not follow correctly the Mautic Installation on the CRM I had uninstalled the previous version then I have applied the new version, I did that when I was on Latest today Mautic Version 7.9.19 and Suite CRM 7.11.0

      Now the issue I have is I have revereted everything back to 7.10.9 and I did the Mautic update Correctly, Mautic Works now!

      THE ISSUE I HAVE! is :

      Since I did the update the email view on the CRM is not showing the body of the email, is just a blank page

      I have set up the CRM as an email client,

      so I go to the EMAIL TAB I see a list view of the emails that are coming in

      I click to any email and next page is blank

      now if I hit reply the system can reply normally and the bottom of the email has the body of the email that was supposed to see on email view area

      let's say I reply to this email and go back and open the email view it will show now the email

      I know is confusing

      I did open the apache errors view to see if there are any errors on the email view page or warnings but nothing is there.

      I am pretty sure the issue is with Mautic update since it was working before I do the update. I did repair and delete cache but nothing has fixed it.

  2. eVolpe_Consulting_Group-primary-contact member avatar


    it sounds very complicated. We did not encounter such an issue before so the best way to help solving it is to schedule a screen sharing session with you. It will be faster to gather than more information. Our technical consultant will contact you via e-mail tommorow morning.

  3. george2 member avatar


    4 years ago

    sounds good

  4. george2 member avatar


    4 years ago

    I did a little more digging

    It seems that for every new email is not creating a new record the record number remains the same for all emails I have highlighted:

    if you hit a reply and go back to this record you get a link something like this with a new record, therefore, you can open after:

    it seems it doesn’t update the record when the emails coming in the first time

  5. eVolpe_Consulting_Group-primary-contact member avatar


    Thank you for additional information. Our technical consultant has already contacted you via e-mail.

    Best Regards, eVolpe Support Team

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