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#3666 - Integration with SuiteCRM 7.9.7 & Mautic 2.12.0

Closed Bug? created by MrB Verified Purchase 5 years ago

Hi has this been done yet?

  1. eVolpe_Consulting_Group-primary-contact member avatar

    Currently suppoerted versions:

    Requires Mautic 2.11.x , 2.12.x Supported Database: MySQL Tested on: SugarCRM Tested on: SuiteCRM 7.9.9

    but it should work on other suite 7.9 versions as well

  2. unifiedlondon member avatar

    MrB Verified Purchase

    5 years ago

    Ok thanks we are having problems with the installation.

    After adding the API Credentials in mautic and completing the setup step in Suitecrm when we click on the "Link" in the Mautic tab it shows a 404 page. We are also not finding the Mautic folder in the root directory of Suitecrm

  3. eVolpe_Consulting_Group-primary-contact member avatar

    Hi MrB,

    there is no mautic folder in the root folder of sugarcrm to be expected. The Redirect URI for sugarCRM - Mautic authentication is being translated via .htacces Rewrite Rule. That is why if sever settings do not alow for Rewrites then it may cause an error. please check out issue and solution described in last comment of mpeet1. It might be simmilar problem and relevant solution. If this does not work for you let us know and we will inwestigate further, or schedule a screen sharing session to solve this.

    Best Regards,

    eVolpe Support Team

  4. eVolpe_Consulting_Group-primary-contact member avatar

    Hi MrB,

    we have prepared an article to summ up server configurtion needed to solve the 404 problem. Please check if it is helpfull

    Best Regards,

    eVolpe Support Team

  5. eVolpe_Consulting_Group-primary-contact member avatar

    We updated our requirements for our plugin.

    Now we support: Mautic version: from version 4.0.X to version 4.1.X Mautic version: from version 3.2.X to version 3.3.X Mautic version: 2.14.X, 2.15.X, 2.16.X

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