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#3621 - Incorrect Access Token in SuiteCRM log files

Closed Bug? created by mpeet1 4 years ago

Hi, have been getting the following FATAL errors in my SuiteCRM log file

Fri Mar 23 08:13:39 2018 [3721][b727f34d-f5e6-2364-d4de-5876c6f655ae][FATAL] MAUTIC VALIDATE ACCESS TOKEN ERROR: 500 : Incorrect access token parameters returned: Invalid refresh token

I have run the Reathorise App routine from Mautic AND the validate license routine in Suite, both appear to complete successfully... any assistance greatly appreciated

  1. eVolpe_Consulting_Group member avatar

    eVolpe Consulting Group Provider

    4 years ago

    Hi meept1,

    You have to go to Connector Settings -> Set Connector Properties and click the 'LINK' in Mautic Tab to reauthorize Suite with Mautic.

    This problem occures once both access token and refresh token expire. You can set their lifespan in Mautic -> Configuration -> API Settings ( Covered in Documentation -> Initial Configuration -> Step 2)

    Best Regards, eVolpe Support Team

    • mpeet1 member avatar


      4 years ago

      Thanks for the heads up - might be an idea to give the end user some feedback (other than in error logs) when the access token has expired, not much fun seeing a 'blank' window in Suite when attempting to edit/save a record and then having to dig through logs to find out what is happening, maybe this is just a problem on my setup :=]

      I have done what you outlined (and documented) I reset my API settings in Mautic to a longer lifetime, clicked on the Link in the SuiteCRM -> Connectors -> Settings window and the link has reset to TODAY. It has NOT taken note of the new API settings in Mautic?

      After this occurred, I ran through your documentation again (the Initial Configuration section) a number of times doing all steps contained there. I can only get the expiration date set to 08:48:12 2018-03-24 I'll wait for a couple of hours and see if the synching is working AND whether or not I can update/edit a Contact record without getting the blank window and get back to you

  2. eVolpe_Consulting_Group member avatar

    eVolpe Consulting Group Provider

    4 years ago

    Expiration date visible in the Connector Settings reflects the lifespan of the main ACCESS TOKEN (its lifetime in Mautic is set in minutes) so if you adjusted the lifespan of the REFRESH TOKEN ( its lifetime in Mautic is set in days) it will not be visible there but it will work.

    Even if integration is down due to token expiration it should not cause blank page on record save, we will check this out and fix it.

    As for the information about refresh token expiration, you are correct, we will probably implement e-mail notification for administrator at some point :)

    Best Regards, eVolpe Support Team

  3. mpeet1 member avatar


    4 years ago

    Thanks for the assistance, plugin/addon is working and Contact records are now saving as expected, no blank windows

  4. Reeta member avatar


    4 years ago

    Hi, I have getting this error "The requested URL /suitecrm1/mautic/get_token was not found on this server." .Even i have set lifespan in Mautic -> Configuration -> API Settings and client /customer key and client/consumer Secret and after saving all this setting i am still getting the same error.Please help me out for this problem.

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