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#3042 - Licensing question

Closed General Question created by powersn 6 years ago

The pricing for this plug states $120 per year, per user. We would like to know how a "user" is defined. Is it the number of users in Mautic, or in CRM?

  1. eVolpe_Consulting_Group-primary-contact member avatar

    The pricing is pretty simple, it is subscription for a year and it costs 120$/ the integrator user (Mautic user who is also CRM user).

  2. jamiemunro member avatar


    4 years ago

    Hi, could I check if that means we only need one 'integrator' user to enable the integration?



  3. eVolpe_Consulting_Group-primary-contact member avatar

    Hello jamiemunro,

    There is no minimum number of users. One license equals one user with access to integration.

    Best regards, Maciej Jankiewicz

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