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Push the LinkedIn Information as a Lead into your CRM. With the Chrome extension the LinkedIn fields will automatically populate in the Lead form. From there you can push it into your CRM by clicking on Save.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4641 LEad Duplicado - Buenos días ¡ Tenemos un problema con el conector recientemente adquirido. Cuando tratas de vin Open General Question
#4477 Unable to login to addon with CRM Credentials - We have provided the Solutions and now everything is working fine. info63 Closed Bug?
#4267 Only Leads, not Contacts? - Hi, others I've seen previously allow adding both as a Lead or Contact. Is this an option? Also wo Vincent Closed General Question
#4218 does this work on community edition 6.5 - does this work on community edition 6.5 shaveekapoor Closed General Question
#4182 SSO support? - Hi guys, I've installed the plugin in our sandbox, which is using SSO, but I don't seem to be abl Squiz Martech Closed Installation
#4181 Dreamer LinkedInLeads - Hi there, we did the installation, but there is a mistake. The message using Chrome extension is elisa.pellizzaro Closed Installation