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Save time and sell more by focusing on the right leads. Prioritize your leads so that you can sell to the right people and the right time. Custom weight your leads based on what is important to your business.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4740 licence Key not availalble any more - Hi Our licence key for sugar CRM looks not available anymore ( the field in sugar isempty ) and pierre1 Open Bug?
#3360 Need latest plugin "Lead Scoring" which should work with SugarCRM Enterprise - Hi Support, Currently we are using SugarCRM Enterprise and LeadScoring 1.0.1. Now we are adrian1 Closed Bug?
#2984 Will this be available for SuiteCRM? - On the from page it said SuiteCRM as well. Is this available or is it coming? Many thanks. dienerbert Closed General Question
#2423 Getting error message and unable to configure lead score point - Hi Support, We configured 11 fields scoring criteria (please check attached docx) but on save it adrian1 Closed Bug?
#2392 Need to know cronjob scheduler that needs to be configured for recalculation - Hi, I need to know cronjob scheduler that needs to be configured for recalculation Regards adrian1 Closed General Question
#2351 Custom Modules and Fields within Leads Module - Would your Lead Scoring Module be able to use a custom build module? Would it be able to use Cust mattb Closed General Question
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