by Chad Hutchins

Manually run scheduler jobs and queued jobs with the click of the button. Great for testing and debugging your schedulers. Stop waiting on the cron and get your work done faster. Great for On-demand systems.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#3471 please refund - I was not able to get it working on mine, please refund. shaveekapoor Closed General Question
#2129 7.7.0 Health Check Compatability - Getting error when trying to upgrade to 7.7 when running the health check: [2016-04-28T18:05:15+00: dtronolone Closed Bug?
#975 No action by that name - Given I am a SugarCRM administrator When I run the kickoff scheduler for the "Prune database of the VisualReporting Closed Bug?
#826 Installation failed - I got this message in my On Demand 6.7.6 instance Installation failed! The package you are att jblack Closed Bug?
#423 Kickoff - Not Available (6.7 OnDemand Sandbox) - - Purchased Kickoff - Installed via Module Loader - Into OnDemand Sandbox - After install, went t visaolive Closed Bug?
  • "This is a great plugin to use when developing and debugging custom Scheduler jobs. Recommended." - dgailwhitt

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