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Visualize and manage your "work in progress" by dragging and dropping your records. Add a Kanban view for any SugarCRM or SuiteCRM module. Great for sales pipelines, leads pipeline, account pipeline, support team boards, project management, and more.

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#4484 What Version Do We Install For SugarCRM 10.2? - I don't see an i module for SugarCRM 10x. Mark Anderson Open Installation
#4224 Unable to load Tasks Module in Sugarcrm 9.0.1 - Hi, We've installed the Kanban view in our SugarCRM 9.0.1 (Dev environment and UAT environment). webdev1 Open Bug?
#4223 Unable to open edit view in Kanban without being redirected to a new page - Hi, When I right click on the card in Kanban view, it doesn't have an edit button. When I click o webdev1 Open Feature
#4217 Functionality broken in FIrefox? - Hi are the right click and drag/drop functions in Kanban View not currently working in Firefox? I've shaveekapoor Open Bug?
#4205 Custom Controller Action - Hello. We are evaluating Kanban View to our company, and we have 2 issues: 1. We're using SugarCR VagasTecnologia Open Bug?
#4201 Version to SugarCrm 6.5 - Hi. .We use SugarCrm CE 6.5 and I've been started a Trial version to our company, but I don't kn VagasTecnologia Open Installation
#4184 report with planned activities on pop-up form - One question regarding this feature: Cards have context menu with these options report with schuhmannm Open Bug?
#4165 No issues on Kanban - Hi, I configure the Kanban but there is no issue in it. ![2019-06-28 08_24_37-Kanban » S softcom-support Open Bug?
#4145 Verson 6.5 - Hi, Will this work for version 6.5? shaveekapoor Open General Question
#4107 When will you be available for Sugar 9? - When you be available for Sugar 9? I'm very interested in your free trial but can't use it due to th carriefrye Open Feature
#4031 Suitecrm - Since we moved to suitecrm the plugin stopped working. Wich version should we install? I only find nordestinnovazione Closed Installation
#3954 Installation - Hello .. we are having similar issue with Kanban as: #3901 - Trouble with Installation Same me randrews Closed Installation
#3901 Trouble with Installation - Hello, We have dowloaded the module, but when we try to access it as an admin within Sugar (Sugar mpeltier Closed Installation
#3894 Installing Kanban View - Hello, I am trying to install Kanban view into my sugar modules. I have not been able to get Kab mpeltier Closed Installation
#3832 Sugar 8.1.0 compatibility - HI Verdisoft, Do you have an update on when the module will be compatible with version 8.1.0 of S ameerulmiah Closed Bug?
#3698 Is Kanban View compatible with Sugar 7.9 and 8.0? - Hello, we plan to upgrade a customer Sugar (currently on to 7.9 or 8.0. The system is host Thomas_MG Closed General Question
#3688 Urgent: Kanban plugin is not working with Sugar - Hi, One of our clients installed Kanban view plugin on SugrCRM and it is not working as expected Mamoona Closed Bug?
#3663 Instance crashed our reporting - Hello we have a cloud based install .. sugar determined that kanban was the cause of the errors in o randrews Closed Bug?
#3631 Add-on causing "fatal errors"? - Note from SugarCRM Support: I apologize for the issues that you are facing. After upgrading our C rmunoz Closed Bug?
#3613 Demo Instance - Hi Team, CloudTech would like to have access to this and ideally attach this to a demo account. deksteen Closed General Question
#3434 not sure why cant see Kanban settings in pull down - Hello .. I am still having issues with not being able to see the lists I have created in the pull do randrews Closed Bug?
#3291 received a healthcheck from SugarCRM - Hello, I received a health check warning from SugarCRM reporting issues with Kanban .. can you pleas randrews Closed General Question
#3261 Blank kanban view in our Sugar (Build 1074) - Hi There Guys, Just installed on our clients sandbox, but the plugin doesnt seem to work at all? peterdonnelly Closed Bug?
#3194 Fill in the data after dragging and dropping an opportunity to the Won stage - After dragging and dropping an opportunity in the Won Stage, I need to fill out required opportunity Limbertc Closed Feature
#3187 compatibility - Hi, is it also works with SuiteCRM Version 7.9.0 Akif Closed General Question
#3174 Broken Link - Hi If I click on a record from the Kanban view the url used to direct me to the target record is jasonstaines Closed Bug?
#3089 Target field using Case Module - Missing Status - Currently, if I try to create a Kanban based on case tickets I am only given the opportunity to sele richardmezger Closed General Question
#3088 Q: Is it possible to change the context menu for opps to include creating a Case? - I would like to be able to create a Case directly from an Opportunity. Is it possible to add cases t richardmezger Closed General Question
#3087 Cannot Create a Kanban - Blank Screen - Hi, We just purchased the plugin. It installed without issue but whenever I try to create a kanban richardmezger Closed Bug?
#2995 Column Width hack? - Is there a way, perhaps editing source, to change the column width? We'd like to have more columns v gvaughan Closed Feature
#2994 Picking Saved Search results in no cards - I am using a custom module, linked to Accounts. I create a search on the custom module filtering onl gvaughan Closed Bug?
#2942 Sharing views - Is there a way a user can share a view with another user .. or is the best way to just share the set randrews Closed Feature
#2941 Configuration Items - Hello .. hopefully a simple question. Where are the settings that allow to assign one the 3 colo randrews Closed General Question
#2938 Quick Create Activity - Not linking to Account - Hello Again :) After updating my Kanban with the correct field to make sure we have the summarize taufiqueahmed Closed Bug?
#2927 Totalling using Accounts - This plugin is working great :) I have one question My Kanban is for Accounts I can see my 1 taufiqueahmed Closed General Question
#2925 SuiteCRM 7.8.2 - Blank Screen - Hi :) I have just installed Kanban onto a clean install of SuiteCRM 7.8.2 and SuiteP theme We taufiqueahmed Closed Bug?
#2903 double clicking kanban header doesn't create new case - When double clicking the swimlane header the screen jumps to create a new "Task". But the poep Closed Bug?
#2897 ongoing demo/evaluation license - Hi Guys, We would like to sell this to our Sugar clients by demonstrating it within our Sugar insta crmstrategy Closed General Question
#2850 Upgraded, now does not work - Hi, we have upgraded to the dec. 19th version, and we now receive this screen: Close An error ha ddalcero Closed Bug?
#2835 Custom statuses doesn't appears in the pipeline - Hello, i'm trying this useful extension but it do not seems to work properly. I have create a board giovannin Closed Bug?
#2834 Filters on Kanban Board and possibility to group records in swimlanes - Hi. I really love your module but I'd like to have 2 more features to use it in a project. 1. the nordestinnovazione Closed Feature
#2744 Tasks within opportunities - Hi - Trialing the plugin as a sales/opportunities board. Looks good but... I se when a task is ov hivemindnet Closed Bug?
#2717 Kanban does not work - Hello, I have downloaded and installed Kanban successfully. However, when trying to create or vi ameerulmiah Closed Bug?
#2644 No scrollbars in Safari 10.0.1 - Hi, all is working ok on chrome, but we see no scrollbars in Safari on Mac. See images attached ddalcero Closed Bug?
#2630 No Filter - Great product, if you added a way to filter the leads it pulls it would be close to perfect. Unfort n8weaver Closed Feature
#2566 Possible feature - Possible to add a section that would allow an admin to see Kanban by specific users. The only choic randrews Closed Feature
#2512 kanban not executing workflow when changing states - kanban not executing workflow when changing states ckorson Closed Bug?
#2296 Not working in my instance - Getting the following error .. for installation in SugarCRM V7 Scanning Package Installation f randrews Closed Installation
#2136 bad sql in Sugar 7.7. Ent - Hi, I have tested the plugin in a vanilla 7.7 and the create board reloads each time you select a v gary Closed Bug?
#2038 Module Loads and Runs But Created Kanban Doesn't Display. - Contact me and I'll give you login information to trouubleshoot with. jeffc Closed Bug?
#1896 No filter on Kanban view - Great Module! But i'd really appreciate the possibility to filter a board by other fields (date or nordestinnovazione Closed Feature
#1770 Kanban View was installed but no settings - Hi SugarOutfitter Team, we installed the Kanban View but no setting is showing up. we have the la noah1 Closed Bug?
#1739 Version 7 - Hi Will Kanban View be released for ver 7 as well? jberg Closed General Question
#1668 Projects module examples - I am considering how useful this Addon might be for my production team. They have been struggling w Audrey Closed General Question
  • "This add-on works perfectly for the Sugar On-Demand version We've only been using SugarCRM for a few months and this is the most useful feat..." - rmunoz

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