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#3411 - Custom Fields Search

Closed Feature created by ricardosantos 4 years ago

Hello ImplicitFrontEnd,

I am currently using a trial license of your software and trying to validate it as an alternative to help our collaborators managing data from SuiteCRM. Is it possible to search through opportunities, leads, etc. based on custom fields? If not, can or will it be implemented?

Thank you very much for your attention, Best regards, Ricardo Santos

  1. Implicit member avatar

    Implicit Inc. Provider

    4 years ago


    No, search by custom fields is currently not supported. It's on our function request list but no date is set yet.

    • ricardosantos member avatar


      4 years ago


      First of all, thanks for you answer. In spite of not having a date, could it be a soon development? If the custom field search exists, we could consider buying some licenses.

      Thank you very much for your attention, Best regards, Ricardo Santos

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