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#4269 - Syncing all Leads

Closed General Question created by marbar Verified Purchase 2 years ago

Hello i have added some new fields in Sugar, and mapped them to Hubspot . Which is the safer way to have these new fields updated in Sugar for existing synced contacts?

Running once the "Hubspot to Sugar Sync All Leads" job (which is now disabled)? This way , from the Leads point of view, only mapped fields are refreshed with latest values and nothing else is changed, correct ? If a lead has been assigned to a user, in CRM, it will not be refreshed with the user used from the connector, correct?

Many thanks for your help

  1. polarstrategy member avatar

    Polar Strategy

    2 years ago


    After adding new fields in mapping, you can use "Hubspot to Sugar Sync All Contacts" job. Job will find and update contacts by email address. Please note that it will overwrite all mapped fields data with the updated data in Hubspot. It will not change the assigned user if assigned user is not in the mapping.

    Thank you.

    • marcobaracco member avatar

      marbar Verified Purchase

      2 years ago

      Thank you, one more question I have some fields I don’t want to be overwritten (e.g. address fields, which have been enriched and adapted later from Sugar) May I disable sync for these fields before starting the job, and re-enable them after the job has been deactivated ?

    • polarstrategy member avatar

      Polar Strategy

      2 years ago

      Yes, you can remove those fields from mapping temporarily. After the sync is done you can add them again. I would suggest testing on sandbox first, if possible. Thank you.

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