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#3757 - Not compatible?

Open Bug? created by pattyleeper a year ago

I am trying to install this connector, however I am being told that it isn't compatible with Sugar V8, you list below that it is supported. Also you documentation isn't very clear on what to install, all 3 zips or the latest one?


  1. polarstrategy member avatar

    Polar Strategy Provider Affiliate

    a year ago


    The latest version of this connector is compatible with Sugar 8 it is the one which states HubSpotSugar Integration_Yearly_V1.3. You need to download just one of the files, not all three. Let me know if this works. In case you have any difficulty we could schedule a call with our dev team and get you up to speed with this connector. Thanks

  2. pattyleeper member avatar


    a year ago

    Thanks, I did get V1.3 to work. It would be helpful as well if your documentation mentioned loading the package in module loader, the repair and rebuild, etc. that needs to happen before the configuration of the connector.

  3. polarstrategy member avatar

    Polar Strategy Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Great that it worked. Sorry if you couldn't find the tutorial video. Here is the link for a much better understanding on the configuration of this plugin.

    YouTube link:

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