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Make life easier by reducing the need to flip between apps. If you are using Outlook Web App, Outlook 2013, or Outlook 2016 connected to Office365 or Exchange Server 2013 then be sure to take advantage of this email and contact synchronization add-on. Smartly links emails to your Sugar records and keeps your contacts in sync.

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#2422 - GrinMark Outlook365 Addin for SugarCRM Connection Failed

Closed Installation created by ptew 6 years ago

so I am on the settings tab of the Outlook plugin in Outlook 2016. I have given my information, but every time I try to test the connection I get this error:

The response received from the service didn't contain valid XML. DTD is prohibited in this XML document.

Any ideas how I can fix this? Here are my settings:

EWS - email - Password - my password goes here; retyped it like 5 times

  1. ptew member avatar


    6 years ago

    Nevermind. I had my EWS address incorrectly entered.

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