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Make life easier by reducing the need to flip between apps. If you are using Outlook Web App, Outlook 2013, or Outlook 2016 connected to Office365 or Exchange Server 2013 then be sure to take advantage of this email and contact synchronization add-on. Smartly links emails to your Sugar records and keeps your contacts in sync.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4341 Multi-User: CRM-Module stops installation at 5%. Simply hangs. - Installation of the server component in the module manager fails. Progress bar stops at 5%, doing no HMM Deutschland GmbH Closed Installation
#4301 Don't know how to install Mail App for Outlook - I'm reading the Single-Instance installation guide and it says I need this to proceed. However, lylesjoela Closed Installation
#4254 Outlook 365 Sugar Integratoin - Connection Failed error - Good day, I'm having trouble connecting the Sugar addin. I've configured the key and test jftenorio Closed Bug?
#4195 Works - But Not All The Time - I just installed it and it's working on some of the emails I'm archiving but not all of th dana1 Closed Bug?
#4161 GrinMark SugarCRM Add-On Not Working - Dear Sugaroutfitters Support, we have purchased your MultiUser-Edition Add-On for Our Company Plu helpdesk3 Closed Bug?
#4149 Sync Email to Contact(s) Manually? - Am I able to manually choose to sync an email to a Contact? For example, an internal email has to do jkitsmiller Closed General Question
#4148 Sync Meetings from Outlook to SugarCRM - I installed the Outlook 365 plugin. It did it's initial sync. The email I got back is below. jkitsmiller Closed General Question
#4136 Add-In on Outlook Desktop - I installed the add-in in outlook on a website but I can't manage to get it on my Desktop-versi laurijnvangorp Closed Installation
#4088 We can't get add-in by url on outlook v.16.24 for Mac - We can't get add-in by url on outlook v.16.24 for Mac marco3 Closed Installation
#4022 User Authentication to Grayed Out - When reviewing the connection settings the username for authentication into Exchange is filled in (a jkostenbader Closed General Question
#3969 Test connection failed SugarCRM - Hi, I work with Outlook office 365 and I've installed the Grinmarck addIns. When I want to mmahe Closed Installation
#3938 suitecrm 7.10.10 loop - Dear support, I'm installing multisite plugin but when I "commit" the installation f studioegasrl Closed Installation
#3845 Does your plug-in work with aCloudCRM? - Does your plug-in work with aCloudCRM (they told me it did!)? I have it installed, tried all the alisonotway Closed Installation
#3800 Archived Email did not include attachments - Hi Support, We have recently installed this plugin and have been doing some testing, one thing we GabrielleHall Closed General Question
#3685 Trying to install Outlook 365 Plugin - I am attempting to load the plugin and I can see the <>Sugar button in my email. When I click CAWILSON Closed Installation
#3674 Synchronization of my Outlook Meetings into Sugar CRM - Hi, I have not been successful in synchronising my Outlook Meeting into the Sugar CRM. Each ti aaronross Closed General Question
#3640 Unable to manage add-in from user mailbox - I have rights to a user's mailbox, which I've opened. I don't see the option to mana killianz Closed Installation
#3634 Email field in Sugar settings is not editable, and sadly, incorrect - The settings ?-box says that the email address is auto-detected and not editable, but that's a petereckart Closed Installation
#3546 Connecting to my SugarCRM - The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. - I was unable to successfully connect to my SugarCRM server, however if I browse to the the same URL aaronross Closed Bug?
#3349 &lt;&gt; Sugar displayed in all emails - Hi, When I install the Outlook plug-in for our Office 365 environment I'm given the option of martinwatkins Closed Installation
#3175 Access to on premise CRM server - Hi, I've just signed up for a trial but am having trouble connecting to our on premise CRM ser martinwatkins Closed Installation
#3072 Login to suiteCRM fails (invalid login) - Hi there, the login setup of the Outlook365 > SugarCRM Addin fails with "Login attempt f fwtag Closed Bug?
#3015 Please cancel my subscription - Hi, I am not finding option to cancel my subscription. How should i do it. Please help. SimpleCRM-Sales Closed General Question
#2879 Trial versione - sorry but I have not had time to test the plugin. Could you kindly give me another 30 day trial. Th nicolamilanese Closed General Question
#2877 Linking outgoing mail form Outlook to Sugar - So I've connected the plugin to my Outlook Mac (v. 15.28.1) however, if I'm sending email conor Closed General Question
#2869 Compatibility - Does it work also without an office 365 or exchange account? I mean basically only as an outlook add michelangelo Closed General Question
#2840 Where is the zip file ?? - Hi i am not able to see addon zip in my account. Calsoft_IT Closed Installation
#2788 Oulook 365 Plugin for Sugar - Dear all In our environment we didn't success to make the whole thing run. It is by far too markusweber Closed Installation
#2781 please cancel my free trail - It's not working shvdv Closed General Question
#2745 Need assistance for installation - Hi I have referred to the Multi User Installation Guide but it appears is not as straight forward Stephanie Closed Installation
#2734 Cannot Establish Connection with Sugar - I've successfully installed the add-on, and have got connection with Office365. But my TEST Four Colour Print Group Closed Installation
#2714 Outlook 2016 for Mac - I can't seem to get the add-in added to Outlook 2016 for Mac. Also didn't find any documen iank Closed General Question
#2703 Sync problem - Hello, I have SuiteCRM 7.7.7 and Office 365 All the setup process was ok but there is a problem wit fuguet Closed General Question
#2634 Connection with CRM - Hi, I tried to connect my CRM with office365 and it doesn't work because of connection with SELVEA Closed General Question
#2488 Does the plugin work for Outlook for Mac 2011 - I have a client using Outlook for Mac 2011 as a client. Does the plugin work for this version? paul11 Closed General Question
#2447 Syncing email from Outlook 365 to SugarCRM - We are attempting the sync Outlook 365 email to Sugar CRM and do not see the email in Sugar. Best d rick2 Closed Installation
#2440 Activation and Configuration - Hi under the multi user instructions under the heading "Activation and Configuration" it r angieknipe Closed Installation
#2422 GrinMark Outlook365 Addin for SugarCRM Connection Failed - so I am on the settings tab of the Outlook plugin in Outlook 2016. I have given my information, but ptew Closed Installation
#2393 hox to automate the synchronisation - Is it possible to automate the synchronisation every 10 mn so that the tasks, call and meeting are u frichter Closed General Question
#2386 GrinMark Outlook365 Addin for SugarCRM Connection Failed - I try to install a multi-user connection between SuiteCRM (Version 7.6.6) and Office 365 (business e frichter Closed Bug?
#2310 Unable to get CRM items. Please test CRM connection on the Settings tab. - Once email is archived in outlook and in signature tab getting an error ' Unable to get CRM it SimpleCRM-Sales Closed Bug?
#2309 Duplicate Records in Related Items list - When I archive an email in outlook web app and relate the contact record / lead record to the email, SimpleCRM-Sales Closed Bug?
#2254 Message about single-user installation - One of our users keeps getting a message about erroneously using a Single User edition of the Sugar bohdang Closed Installation
#2253 GMSync 1.9.4 - attempting to update to GMSync 1.9.4 and getting the error message: Installation failed! The bohdang Closed Bug?
#2248 GMSync 1.9.4 - Attempting to install the latest GMSync Addon into our Sugar OnDemand instance. Getting the followin bohdang Closed Bug?
#2205 Add On Doesnt Work. Please cancel my account - Hi, I need to cancel my subscription as the add on does not work with my microsoft outlook versio amandaarnier Closed Bug?
#2176 Outlook 2013 Plugin: The Sugar Server Specified in Tools Sugar Options is unavailable - Unable to archive emails to sugar James3678 Closed Bug?
#2090 Question about plug in in Exchange 2010 - Does it work in Exchange 2010 and outlook 2016? GermanLopez Closed General Question
#1985 Cannot select the items in the crm to relate the mail in outlook 365 - HI, I cannot select the items in the crm to relate the mail in outlook 365. The checbox don't frichter Closed General Question
#1948 Functionality Question - Does this product allow archiving of Emails to custom modules created in the Sugar 7.6+ Sidecar fram cynergysolutions Closed General Question
#1946 Outlook contacts not syncing - I followed the instructions to install and set up the add in settings. All of the connection tests s dschut Closed Feature
#1905 How can I install the Sugar CRM onto Outlook 2016? - Just needing some help, saw the walk through, but I'm obviously not getting it. Is there a link BUhlenhake Closed Installation
#1887 Support for Otulook 2016 And Suite CRM - Does have support for Support for Otulook 2016 And Suite CRM? liz Closed Installation
#1875 using multi user license key with a single user edition - Hi, we're trying out your plugin and have installed as described in the installation guide. If dvi Closed Bug?
#1850 install on standalone Outlook 2016 - hi, I just purchased the trial. I was expecting a download link but only see the key. I read the ins cloeven Closed Installation
#1756 Unable to Use due to error - I keep receiving a license validation error that reads: License validation error: The remote server mindypenning Closed Installation
#1752 GrinMark Outlook365 Addin for SugarCRM License validation error: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. - I installed the grinmark office365 plugin on office 365 and installed the sugarcrm portion of the pl ryan3 Closed Installation
#1697 Unable to configure - My Office 365 account does not have an option to configure an add in. Please advise. I am trying t CRM Ninjas Closed Installation
#1634 SugarCRM &amp; Outlook 365 on MAC Air - Hi I recently purchased and installed the SugarCRM add-in for Office 365 on my MAC. The <& vanessabotha Closed General Question
#1629 Outlook 2013 - Hi, i need information about the plugin install in Outlook 2013. In your documentation doesn't omatorres Closed General Question
#1564 Exchange? - Does your tool require that users have Exchange somewhere in the mix (O365, on-site, or hosted)? bjohnson Closed General Question
#1532 Sugar Connection - I cannot get the connection to work with my instance of SugarCRM below is the error I am receiving p lapester Closed Bug?
#1488 Test Licenses for Office 365 - Hi Support, I am having issues with my license for office 365. I think this is due to requesting a lukek Closed Installation
#1312 Synchronisation Hangs - I am testing your plugin and having an issue where it is hanging when I click on an e-mail to archiv jonsalinger Closed Bug?
#1305 Seems like my office365 doesn't offer the selection your - When trying to add from Manage Apps I am only given the option to add from the Office Store not from bert1 Closed Installation