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#82 - compatibility with other extensions

Closed Feature created by jernej Verified Purchase 9 years ago

Hello there. The theme looks promising, but before buying I would like to know it it is compatible with other sugarcrm extensions like YAAI (Asterisk integration module)? Is it possible to test it before buying?

  1. christianknoll member avatar

    christianknoll Provider

    9 years ago

    YAAI is a project also developed by me but in the meantime driven mainly by others. I cannot give you a guarantee since the plugin might require certain elements for e.g. in the special case to open the popups on dialin). In any case adding these will not be a big issue. The Theme is built on Sugar Standrad. If you look into the documentation you will also find files that are modified (some to fix nasty bugs. thers to add functionality). You will need to check if there are conflicts with other plugins. With YAAI I would not see any.

  2. jernej member avatar

    jernej Verified Purchase

    9 years ago

    Hi there! I have installed the theme on Sugar CE 6.5.10 (Build 8716) but the css is totally broken when I choose the 20 reasons theme. I have tried to chmod -R 777 the themes folder (i thought it is a permission problem) but the issue remains... Any clues?

    • christianknoll member avatar

      christianknoll Provider

      9 years ago

      can you pls send me a screenshot via email to

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