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Striking Features. A Completely Rethought UI. Give your users a familiar user interface that makes them more efficient and effective with SugarCRM CE. Powerful features abound such as favorites, quick reminders, subpanels as tabs, and unlimited dashboards. On top of the click reducing interface, these feature make it a must-have tool for any organization looking to improve their bottom line.

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#43 - newly purchase bug

Closed Bug? created by lukum21 9 years ago
  1. The Theme doesn't work "out of the box" on 6.5.4 CE. All interface crashed.
  2. No User's manual inside. No any documentation
  3. Product sold $390 shold be more customer friendly!
  1. christianknoll member avatar

    christianknoll Provider

    9 years ago

    happy to help you directly via Teamviewer to support your installation process. Please respond to the email I sent you to arrange.

  2. christianknoll member avatar

    christianknoll Provider

    9 years ago

    no further response and also no response to the email. I assume it was an authorization issue and you solved it. Closing the case.

  3. DJUser_UK_Kent member avatar


    9 years ago

    hap[py to see great customer-support up there Christian! SugarOutfitters needs visible good support like that, to keep building confidence.

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  • "The Theme itself works very nice. Especially on iPad it is a beautiful addon. But two caveats: 1) there is no deinstall button for the theme. I actual..." - andreas.epping

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