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Increase your Sales instantly by using Sales Data Visualizer. RT SalesMap gives you a clean, transparent, and uncomplicated visual representation of your Accounts, Leads, and Contacts using Google’s powerful web browser mapping software right on your Sugar instance.

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#3977 - Map not showing data

Closed Installation created by keith2 Verified Purchase 3 years ago

Hi We have installed RTSalesMap, however it does not appear to be working.

If we do a simple filter on Contacts = USA , nothing appears when we do "Load Map" ?

Please see images!

  1. rolustech member avatar

    Rolustech Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago


    Thank for reaching out to us. I can't see any attached images.

    Regards, Waqar

  2. keith2 member avatar

    keith2 Verified Purchase

    3 years ago




  3. rolustech member avatar

    Rolustech Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for sharing the screenshots with us. Due to a recent change, Google's API is no longer free to use. You have to obtain a commercial API license from Google in order to use RT Sales Map.

    RT Sales Map uses two Google API's that are now charged as follows:

    Javascript API costs 7 USD/1000 calls Geocoding API costs 5 USD/1000 calls You can find more info regarding Google API's billing here.

    Kindly Make sure that you obtain a commercial license for these API's and try again. Please feel free to ask any questions or concerns.

    Regards, Rolustech Support

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