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#611 - Oauth doesn't seem to complete

Closed Bug? created by agladders 9 years ago

Hi - we have a 6.5.16 install of sugar at:

and I've gone through the installation steps but nothing is sync'ing. There is one "error" duing the test connection part, it goes to google requesting permission to access documents only, then looks to go to a gsync site, then on to our install with this url:

where the chrome browser gives a "no data received" error. Reloading gives the same error.

Any suggestions? Thank you.


  1. rolustech-primary-contact member avatar

    Rolustech Verified Purchase

    9 years ago


    It seems like browser issue. Did you try on Firefox browser? If changing browser does not work for you, then please try following and after each step check for test connection if things work out for you:

    Check whether the same issue appears incognito mode (ctrl+shift+n) ?
    Also, try clearing your browsing data (ctrl+shift+Delete) [windows] and select "From the beginning of time" and then Re-launch Chrome 
    Turn off your VPN service if you are using a VPN service. Many Chrome users claim that their browser cannot load webpages with VPN enabled. 
    Can you check extensions installed on chrome ( chrome://extensions ) ? Disable all extensions(remove unwanted/suspicious extensions), now re-enable them one by one 

    Although it should work for you but if you are still facing any issue then you can let us know we will do further troubleshooting.


  2. rolustech-primary-contact member avatar

    Rolustech Verified Purchase

    9 years ago

    Hi Oscar,

    We haven't heard back you from a long time. It looks like your issues is resolved. So I am closing this ticket.

    In case if you face same problem you can reopen this issue.

    Thanks, Rolustech Support

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