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#358 - Sync of email when using Gmail with multiple folders

Closed General Question created by hivemindnet 8 years ago


I use Gmail with a desktop client and like to keep my inbox empty (a la GTD). I therefore have many folders and sub folders for organising my emails to keep things organised. I use an add-on for email that allows for the immediate automatic filing of outgoing emails to the relevant sub folder (project or client). Likewise, I also very quickly assign a task to incoming emails and then file them too using shortcuts which the email client provides.

Therefore, emails are not in my inbox or sent items very long, in fact hardly at all. Does this mean I can't auto sync client/prospect emails with this module to my crm?

I have another solution for this which I have been using but I was hoping that your solution would take care of emails.

Please let me know if/how I can have all email folders sync'd.

Thanks again for your great support.

  1. rolustech member avatar

    Rolustech Provider Affiliate

    8 years ago


    Its a great question. you can monitor as many folders as you want , you have to do only one thing, select your folders under monitored folders section as we have shown (inbox,sent items) in this image.

    Let us know if this helps you. Thanks, Support

  2. hivemindnet member avatar


    8 years ago

    That's great thanks - but as I create folders all of the time for organising, is there a way to monitor ALL folders?

  3. rolustech member avatar

    Rolustech Provider Affiliate

    8 years ago


    Simply no, we have to select folders as sugar does not allow us to monitor all folders like functionality.

    Thanks, Support

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