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#3485 - After installing plugin access is lost for all users

Closed Bug? created by jonborgas 5 years ago


Urgent issue. Wanted to try out this plugin but lead to serious problem.

Installed the plugin for our sugar domain but did not configure the addon (did not validate the licence or do a quick repair as I read in the installation guide). When I tried to access the system again I get an Internal Server Error 500 and cannot login or continue with the configuration. None of our users can access the system.

The idea was to install the plugin for me to try out but seems like all users were affected (not intended). We have contacted sugar CRM support for a solution/roll-back as well.

BR, Jon

  1. rolustech-primary-contact member avatar

    Rolustech Verified Purchase

    5 years ago

    Hey Jon,

    Your issue has been noted.

    Kindly tell us which Sugar version are your using.

    If possible, kindly provide us with Sugar and Gmail credentials as well.

    Thanks, Rolustech

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