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#2450 - Does not reliably download calendar

Closed Bug? created by jason5 6 years ago

Initial Calendar schedule run Fri Aug 26 18:10:27 2016 [16478][1][FATAL] Meeting: Workout with id bd4b1ef9-ab5d-f100-d324-57c0e86e9e24 saved in SugarCRM. maybe 5 items synced from Google to SuiteCRM and then Cron killed the process after about 1 min. Schedule log indicates that the process is still running.

I duplicated, deleted, and let the Calendar schedule run again. Every calendar entry is downloaded again with the following info: Fri Aug 26 18:30:09 2016 [19687][1][FATAL] Meeting::save: Bad date 2015-03-19 09:00:00 for format m/d/Y H:i Fri Aug 26 18:30:09 2016 [19687][1][FATAL] Meeting: Case # CAS-942908-W0T3N4 has been created CRM:0001 with id 2265cd8b-543c-d445-41f8-57c0e8499ea2 date modified in Sugar is greater so skip it .... sometimes the scheduled job ends with this: Fri Aug 26 18:40:14 2016 [19687][1][FATAL] ERROR:Error calling PUT (403) Forbidden Most of the time cron just kills it and suiteCRM Schedule log reports that the process is "running"...

  1. jason5 member avatar


    6 years ago

    Wooo Hooo! After much head banging, I cleaned my google calendar and now the two are syncing without issue. I didn't find a reason for items to be corrupt, but I found that calendar items in GCal that had truncated titles were giving me the problems.

    Cheers, J

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