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#2442 - Error 400 Error: invalid_request

Closed Bug? created by jason5 6 years ago

Hello, I'm currently using the free trial of RT GSync with a new installation of SuiteCRM 7.7.2 After going through the initial installation steps I set up my user. When I click on "Test Connection" I receive a successful message, but, when I click on Save I'm taken to a Google oauth2 error page: 400. That’s an error. Error: invalid_request Missing required parameter: scope Learn more Request Details access_type=offline approval_prompt=force scope= response_type=code redirect_uri= client_id= That’s all we know.

I was never presented with a "GSync would like to..." popup screen. I didn't see the same error in the Troubleshooting guide.

Please advise. Thanks, Jason

  1. rolustech-primary-contact member avatar

    Rolustech Verified Purchase

    6 years ago


    Please make sure you have installed Gsync for Sugar 6 on your SuiteCRM and pop-ups are allowed on your browser.

    If you can share your SuiteCRM login details with us at we can investigate the issue.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards, Rolustech Support Email: Website:

  2. jason5 member avatar


    6 years ago

    Let's close this ticket. I had problems on my SuiteCRM side. Thanks, J

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