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#2260 - Invitees created as contacts even if they are CRM users

Closed Bug? created by houlejo 6 years ago


Using Sugar 6.5CE.

We discovered that some contacts we created automatically and even after suppression they were created over and over again.

I think it's coming from RT GSync. Is RT GSync creating contacts for all invitees even if they are CRM Users ?

For example : User A is not using RT GSync. User B is using RT GSync.

-User A create a meeting with a lead and assign it to User B. -By default, User A is an invitee of the meeting because he is the creator of the meeting and User B is an invitee of the meeting because he is the assigned user. -So both users A and B are invitees. -At this point, a contact is created automatically in Sugar (by RT GSync) with the same email as User A (the creator of the meeting) with a name that it not always the same as the User A (I don't know from where the name is sourced). The meeting is also related to that newly created contact. -If I delete the contact, he appear again a couple of minutes later (I guess at next sync).

Is there a way not to create automatically contacts when they are already users ?



  1. rolustech-primary-contact member avatar

    Rolustech Verified Purchase

    6 years ago

    Hi Jonathan,

    By default, whenever a meeting is created, RT GSync looks for the invitee in the contacts list and if it doesn't find the invitee in the contacts list it creates one. If there already exists a contact against the email address of person A, then it will not create a new contact with that email.

    So in order to avoid this you can create a contact once for that user so that GSync doesn't create it again.

    In case you do not want the plugin to create a contact in case they are already users, then you need to get a customization done in the plugin.

    Let us know if you would like to have this customization done.

    Should you have further queries, feel free to reach us at

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards, Rolustech Support Email: Website:

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