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#143 - Not always syncing to Sugar

Closed Bug? created by sweet 10 years ago

Some meetings are not being synced from Gmail Calendar to Sugar. When adding a meeting to Gmail using iCal on Mac (importing a ics-file), they are showing up in Gmail Calendar, but they are not synced to Sugar. Also, some meetings are not synced when accepting them as an invite (using Gmail Calendar interface). Some invites are synced while some are not.

  1. vetmike member avatar


    10 years ago

    Hey, Can you provide us the steps which are leading you to invite syncing issue? meanwhile we are looking into it and trying to reproduce the issue. Thank you, DataSync Support

    • sweet member avatar


      10 years ago

      Hi, When I click 'Yes' in this invitation, it's imported into my Google Calendar, but it doesn't get synced over to my Sugar Calendar.

  2. vetmike member avatar


    10 years ago

    Hi, We will be updating the package tonight and then you can download the package and use.

    Thank you DataSync Support

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