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#1286 - Google Calender Sync won't work

Closed Bug? created by Kloiber 8 years ago


Installed RTGSync without problems. I think i have done all settings correctly, Checked all required checkboxes (Sync-Options, Activate-Checkbox, GSync-Userdatas and Password....) And the Schedulers-Jobs run every 5 Minutes.

But my meetings still not sync.

Some ideas?

I'm using SugarCRM

Best regards

  1. rolustech-primary-contact member avatar

    Rolustech Verified Purchase

    8 years ago

    Hi Kloiber,

    It seems Gmail Id Authentication is not completed if all of the other installation steps are completed. Please make sure you have performed following steps successfully:

    1- Under Admin Profile Settings, enter your Gmail ID and Password and click on 'Test Connection' 2- When you get "Success" message on Test connection then save settings and it will take you on popup screen to allow access (Important: Please ALREADY enable popup settings for your Browser to see the popup) 3- Click on 'Allow Access' in popup, you will be redirected on Home Screen.

    After performing above mentioned steps, Please wait for scheduler to run for next 5 minutes and then check Sync is working now or not.. We then assist you accordingly.

    Also, You can have a look on our FAQs section for further assistance.

    Hope it helps.

    Regards Rolustech Support

  2. rolustech-primary-contact member avatar

    Rolustech Verified Purchase

    8 years ago

    Hi Kloiber,

    Please let us know if you have any further queries. If everything is working fine then we will close this case.

    Regards, Rolustech Support

  3. Kloiber member avatar


    8 years ago

    Hello support,

    We no longer use Sugar for three months. I ask you therefore to cancel this contract. Many many thanks.

    Best Regards Norbert Kloiber

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