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#125 - Group user is counted, not acceptable!

Closed Bug? created by fredrikwestin 9 years ago

We have 5 group users for e-mail marketing and support etc. These users is accounted when number of seats is counted during installation. This is not fair. We don pay license for this to SugarCRM and I don't want to pay licence to Gmail Sync either.

  1. vetmike member avatar


    9 years ago

    At this time we bill for active users, and we don't have the ability to discount unused users. We will put this in the feature request queue.

  2. fredrikwestin member avatar


    9 years ago

    Pay for a non person mail responder account is not ok. You can't even log in to sugar with a group account. You have to change this. Best regards /Fredrik

  3. rldev member avatar


    8 years ago

    Has there been any progress on this? I can't use this module because we only have one user that uses the system, but there are a handful of accounts that need to be there.

  4. genixventures member avatar


    8 years ago

    So to clarify, is this plug-in unable to be used unless I have purchased the number of users that matches my Sugar Instance?

    • vetmike member avatar


      8 years ago

      We are adding a feature that allows you to exclude groups this week. We'll let you know when it's published!

  5. vetmike member avatar


    8 years ago

    We have added this feature and have uploaded the new package (version 1.5). Thanks!

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