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#1207 - GSynch Issue - Why its not working

Closed General Question created by FieldForceSolutions 7 years ago

Hi! After spending a while with Maria @ Rolustech, investigating why our Gmail synch isnt working with Sugar and hasnt been for quite a while, she brought to my attention that he was getting the following error:

'Error Free Trial was cancelled. Please purchase a new license on SugarOutfitters to continue usage'. The validation key associated is: 299d3d97aa2dcf1c0c45d8327fc97f7f

I think there was some confusion on my part with regards to getting to grips with Sugar, yourselves and general processes for both. Can we please resume either the trial or be billed for Gsynch, for 12 licences I think it is.....

Please advise me at your earliest convenience our next course of action and indeed, your own - thanks and apologies in advance for any confusion.

  1. chad member avatar

    Chad Hutchins

    7 years ago

    Hi everyone, Jo accidentally posted this in the SugarChimp portal so I happened to see it. Their trial was cancelled at some point and all they needed to do was start a new one, which it looks like they did. Here's the link to the other conversation:

    This can be closed.

  2. rolustech member avatar

    Rolustech Provider Affiliate

    7 years ago

    Thanks Chad for the update. We are closing this ticket now.

    @Jo, Please do let us know if need any kind of help. We are here to help you out regarding GSync.

    Regards Rolustech Support

    • admin6 member avatar


      7 years ago

      I have posted another issue as the Gsynch isnt working still despite along time chatting to Jason on chat and going through Sugar - can you please see post #1211?

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