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#2193 - Running into some issues

Closed Bug? created by jjtbsomhorst 6 years ago

I'm currently busy setting up an POC and running into some problems. I installed the plugin on a sugaropencloud demo instance and for instance inviting people using the steps in the user manual does not seem to work. When adding people and clicking ok I get an error that states that that specific user is already invited. This is not the case since it's a newly created event.

Als sending e-mail does not seem to work but I guess that's an issue with the sugaropencloud instance.

  1. enableit member avatar Provider Affiliate

    6 years ago


    As per Case 2112 ( this is due to an issue that we have recently identified on version of Sugar, which we are currently working on resolving. Please continue to monitor Case 2112 for updates.

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