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#4421 - XSRF attack warning shown upon saving Email Marketing record

Open Bug? created by vijaynagarajan a year ago

Hi ,

I get an XSRF attack warning page show up every time i try to save an Email Marketing record on a Campaign. I guess the XSRF token is absent on Email Marketing module. Can you please help resolve this problem and provide me an updated version to install on Sugar ? Thanks.

Sugar Edition : Enterprise Version : 8.0.3

  • Vijay
  1. vijaynagarajan member avatar


    a year ago

    We are also looking at upgrading Sugar to V10 in the next 2 months, please let me know if I would need a seperate package to install that is compatible .

  2. vijaynagarajan member avatar


    a year ago


    Can anyone look into this , please?

    Regards, Vijay

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