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#2742 - Delay Dropdown is not working in chrome browser

Open Bug? created by omair.nalkhande 5 years ago

Hello Team,

I have installed this module in SugarCRM Enterprise, Version (Build 9). Everything works fine except for the dropdown which is used to set the delay Selection_006.png

When we click on the Dropdown or the textbox the Browser Snaps. I read more about this issue and it says that other extensions installed on Chrome would be affecting Drip E-email module. So I tried it in incognito after removing all the extensions and plugins from chrome. Still it doesnt work.

When I tried using it in Chromium AND Mozilla it worked seamlessly.

Could you please help me out here as our client prefers Google Chrome to be Primary browser.

Awaiting your positive response!

Thanks, Omair

  1. clemensvd member avatar

    mycrm Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago

    Hi Omair,

    Thanks for your feedback. We`ll start an investigation.

    Hold on for a short while.

    Best Clemens

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