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Allows Marketers to use Sugar for lightweight Drip E-Mail Campaigns.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4421 XSRF attack warning shown upon saving Email Marketing record - Hi , I get an XSRF attack warning page show up every time i try to save an Email Marketing record vijaynagarajan Open Bug?
#3865 Support for SuiteCRM Version 7.10.7 - Does this support SuiteCRM Version 7.10.7? haneeffaisal Open General Question
#3850 Cannot install plugin to test - Hi, I purchased this product and checked compatibility on the website before I downloaded it, how garretts Open Bug?
#3846 Cannot Install: The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of Sugar: 8.0.0 - Hi, I purchased and downloaded the zip install file, and tried to upload through the Module Loade garretts Open Installation
#3548 CSRF Error on Create Email Marketing screen - We are getting this error when we attempt to save the ![Screenshot at 2018-02-07 11-20-11.png](htt justindaniels Closed Bug?
#2742 Delay Dropdown is not working in chrome browser - Hello Team, I have installed this module in SugarCRM Enterprise, Version (Build 9). Every omair.nalkhande Open Bug?
#2115 Not compatible SuiteCRM? - I get a message that your module is not compatible. I am running SuiteCRM 7.5.3 which is based on t jeffc Closed Installation
#1767 Can not Create Target List - I installed your module, tried to create a target list, and when I click save I get a 500 server err jmaclaren Closed Bug?