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Need a way to have customers sign a receipt or for project managers to draw a mock-up in real time right inside of Sugar? Add drawing fields to any SugarCRM module right from within Studio. Especially great when out in the field using a tablet. Signatures or drawings on the spot.

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#3774 - Drawings saved in Mobile Browser (Cellphone and 10" Android Tablet) don´t work

Open Bug? created by Ricardo Cairello Verified Purchase 4 years ago

When used in full web, you can draw and save changes OK. But in our case, we need the field for a SIGNATURE from customers, on mobile / tablets, and it does not save the "drawing" (signature) made by the user. It´s a mobile issue, since our developers detected an error in the source code that does not execute as expected.

  1. rcairello member avatar

    Ricardo Cairello Verified Purchase

    4 years ago

    JUST TO CLARIFY: we tried this with SuiteCRM 7.9.x and 7.10.7 (latest) versions. The behavior is the same in both installations.

  2. ppate67 member avatar


    2 years ago

    Hey Ricardo, did you ever get a fix for this? We are having the same issue.

    • rcairello member avatar

      Ricardo Cairello Verified Purchase

      2 years ago


      The problem seems to be related to QuickCRM app, as their development team released new versions of QuickCRM, it would solve this issue but bring another, like not being able to save the drawing / "signature" field when in off-line mode.

      But, again, that seems to be a QuickCRM issue...

      Keep in touch!

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