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Need a way to have customers sign a receipt or for project managers to draw a mock-up in real time right inside of Sugar? Add drawing fields to any SugarCRM module right from within Studio. Especially great when out in the field using a tablet. Signatures or drawings on the spot.

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#1559 - [SuiteCRM 7.3.1] No field to draw in. Error 500 in browser console

Closed Bug? created by BrianF 7 years ago

Installed the drawing module and associated it with the accounts module. Font size and outline width shows up and so does the title field. There are no color options showing and the drawing field box is pure white with no outline. So there is space for one but it doesn't do anything. I've tried a few different things but nothing will allow me to draw. This is suitecrm 7.3.1. I was told that it should work just like sugarcrm 6.5. Any suggestions?

  1. BrianF member avatar


    7 years ago

    To expand on this issue, I installed the module on a 7.1.4 version of suitecrm and it does the same thing as well.

  2. Captivea member avatar

    can you please send us a screenshoot of your rendering edit view ? Thanks to add the Browser developpers tools "console" output after having loaded the view ? Send your browser and OS information as well to


  3. BrianF member avatar


    7 years ago

    I have sent the screenshots to the above email address. I also did have server 500 errors listed for 5 files that include drawing_utils.css and jquery.jqscribble.js ..... I went ahead and changed the permissions on these files to 777 to see if anything would work. Still not working.

    • Captivea member avatar

      All files must be served by the web server without errors to let the module works. Ie you have to be able to download them with Apache 200 ok code and not an internal server error.

      Please check your webserver configuration as this is a specific server configuration error and not related to the module (see ouo answer statement below)

  4. BrianF member avatar


    7 years ago

    I am also working in chrome browser 44.0.2403.157, mozilla firefox, and ipad.

  5. Captivea member avatar

    We have tested again the files under SuiteCRM Max 7.3.1 and the module is working out of the bow without modification

    The fact that the user received 500 internal server error codes on the jquery files used by the field is the problem and should be debugged by the user as this is a specific server configuration error not related to the modules.

    We have successfully test the module under Debian/Apache2 server and Windows Wamp server 2.2 without any error.

    Module working under SuiteCRM 7.3.1

  6. BrianF member avatar


    7 years ago

    I checked inside our hosting account and found the following errors being posted:

    00:49:41 2015] [crit] [client] (13)Permission denied: /home/html/custom/include/SugarFields/Fields/Drawing/.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable, referer: http://.com/index.php?action=ajaxui

    I took out a bit of information in order not to show our site url and info, but there are 4 files that are under the sugarfields file that seem to be missing the .htaccess file or something. I uploaded a default htaccess file to that location and I still get the error. Any suggestions?

    • Captivea member avatar

      There's no .htaccess file provided in the custom/include/SugarFields/Fields/Drawing directory. Why do you have one inside your instance ?

      Try to fix the permissions by using chmod or remove the /htaccess if not necessary as it is not part of our module.

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