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Need a way to have customers sign a receipt or for project managers to draw a mock-up in real time right inside of Sugar? Add drawing fields to any SugarCRM module right from within Studio. Especially great when out in the field using a tablet. Signatures or drawings on the spot.

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#1469 - Not compatible with QuickCRM

Closed Feature created by pranavjairam Verified Purchase 8 years ago

Hi, Can you please help get this compatible with QuickCRM???


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    Unfortunately, QuickCRM is a smartphone application where we don't have access to the source code. This is then not possible to upgrade it to let it known new fields type.

    To our knowledge, QuickCRM can only deal with standard fields type (text, integer, lists). It is not possible to extend it (to deal with Google maps, rating fields, and drawing field...)

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  • "This is a must have for anyone who needs a signature capture field! Thanks to Captivea for making it!"

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