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Add the ability to not only upload multiple files, but also the ability to preview different file types right from inside SuiteCRM. Supports many file types such as PDF, Word Docs, TXT, PNG, JPG, and more.

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#3384 - Does this work for suitecrm?

Open Bug? created by deekshashetty.kadapa 4 years ago

Does this addon work for suitecrm?

  1. NiketGupta member avatar

    Ideadunes Provider

    4 years ago

    Yes, it works perfectly well with SuiteCRM versions. Let me know how I can assist. We are available for demo as needed.

  2. NiketGupta member avatar

    Ideadunes Provider

    4 years ago

    Hi Deeksha,

    This is to bring to your notice that as per our roadmap and your feedbacks for your favorite Multi Upload Plugin we are launching a new release for you. Please download from your Purchase Section and refer to our Documents Section of the Plugin on the store.

    We Added to DocumentDatatype v1.0.3: 1. Define Global Path in config_override for image path and keep the folder anywhere in the root of sugar directory as you want. 2. Rename the image right from the place of upload in edit View to your favorite SEO friendly image names. 3. Title & alt tags to the images have been applied to whatever name you give to images will be helpful for better visibility within CRM and places you call them via API's or so.

    Fixes to Following: 1. Dropbox CSS 2. Popup CSS design 3. After inline edit & save page would be reloaded only for document type for any module in either detail/list view if there is document type field which is edited. (reloading of the page is working in certainly needed scenarios only for now)

    Please feel free to give your valuable suggestions to help us improve the products further.

    Thanks a lot! Ideadunes Team

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