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#3520 - SugarCRM Running Slow and Errors After DeDupit Install

Closed Bug? created by will 4 years ago


After installing the DeDupit Module our system is running incredibly slow and giving link errors. I have added some screenshots of some of the random errors it is throwing. It seems to be affecting all users, all on different computers as well.

We have a DropBox Module that wasn't working initially after the DeDupit install, but now it is working. But, just like loading pages and navigating around the Sugar platform, it still takes a long time to load when pages are opened. Basically everything takes a long time to load at the moment.

There are short bursts where it will be very fast and responsive, then it reverts back to being slow.

We are running: Sugar (version DeDupit (version 4.0.9)

Other Modules Installed: Ops-Modules (version 2.0.7) Duplicate Check (version 1.0) Leads Dashlet on Create View (version 1.1) Dhelper (version 1.1) Create Layout Leads v1.0 (version 1.0) SynoFieldMask for SugarCRM 7 (version 20150629) Create Layout Leads v1.0 (version 1.0) Sugar - Dropbox Integration (version 7.9 update for Leads Dashlet on Create View (version 1.0.1)

Thank you,

Screenshots: Sugar Error - 01-18-18 - Unable Sync.PNG Sugar Error - 01-18-18 - Invalid Link.PNG Sugar Error - 01-18-18 - Data Not Available.PNG

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  • "We tested DeDupit in a Sugar 9 enterprise on demand instance. Excellent and simple documentation. Manual as automated deduplication works perfectly." - sandraarango

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