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#2261 - Initial Fill not populating fields

Open Bug? created by tsalex33 Verified Purchase 6 years ago

Hi, I am using the sequencing plugin on SuiteCRM 7.1.2. The sequences module version is 1.3.1.

I have a created a test sequence. It seems to work for newly created records in a custom module, but the initial fill is not populating on any of my existing records.

Is there anything in particular I can look for?

Thanks, Alex

  1. cm_sugar member avatar

    CM & Sugar Provider Affiliate

    6 years ago

    Do you have any Loggings? I need to know, what type of field you want to trigger. If possible, please send me your vardefs.php of your custom module to

    • tsalex33 member avatar

      tsalex33 Verified Purchase

      6 years ago

      Nothing comes up in the log when I trigger the initial fill (Logging is set to ERROR level).

      The custom field is a TextField created in studio, the sequence is Alphanumeric.

      I just tried a test sequence for a custom TextArea field in the Accounts module, and the initial fill works there. The initial fill doesn't seem to be working for any custom modules, however.

      I will email you the vardefs for our custom module shortly.

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