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#798 - Feature Request : Importing records into Business Accounts module

Closed Feature created by ap 9 years ago

The Third Party add-on is proving to be very helpful to our sales staff, but it looks like it lacks the ability to import records. We would love to be able to import our supplier information. Are there plans to add this functionality?

  1. Captivea member avatar

    Hello, which version of SugarCRM are you using ? Isn't the import menu entry appearing on your side ? (it should work as any other base module of SugarCRM)

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    Just checked with PRO 6.5.17 -> Need to have the version 1.4 of the module to don't have an error with pro edition while trying to download sample Import CSV file from wizard.

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    Version 1.4 is up on Sugar outfiters, you should be able to download it from your customer's account. Simply uninstall the 1.3 version and upload 1.4 instead.

    If you're happy with the module and our service, please consider make a review of our module on SugarOutfiters to make it more revelant for other SugarCRM users. Thanks in advance.

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      9 years ago

      I am using SuiteCRM. I've installed v1.4 as per your suggestion. I did manage to find an import appears in the Actions menu under the Third Party heading once Third Party module is loaded. Haven't tried it yet, but will soon.

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