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#2759 - Key not working

Closed Installation created by dkarnes909 5 years ago

I had downloaded this add on in my test system it works fine so I was going to add it to the live system I don't know if maybe because my information is in there already it's not working for the key that I was given the second time I need to cancel the first key under my name and the second he will be a purchased key but it is not working on the live system keeps saying invalid key

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    Hello dkarnes909,

    I am sorry but i have lot of difficulties understanding your case. It is working on your test system ? It isn't on your production system ?

    Is it the same server/computer ? If not please check your Php version (command prompt : php -V) on both computers.

    Then check the php configuration file and php modules installed.

    There's nothing within the licence check/serial (code is the one provided by SugarOutfiters) that will prevent the double activation unless you change the sugarcrm unique key inside its configuration file (most of the time as the config files are copy pasted from test to production this is the exact same key)


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    If you can also add the sugar flavor and version used ?

  3. dkarnes909 member avatar


    5 years ago

    here is what is gave me

    sugar install.png

  4. dkarnes909 member avatar


    5 years ago

    SugarCRM CE 6.5.22

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    Seems this is related to a server side problem You should check my first message regarding php version and modules enabled (are the errors disabled in the production environement ?)

    As you said the installation was fine on the test instance, so there should not be any problem on the prod instance as soon as the server installation is exactly the same.

    My sales team informed me that the customer has cancel the purchase/ended the trial so I'll close the case here

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