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Need to add a company to SugarCRM, but it's not really a customer or prospect? Want to track your interactions with your partners, PR teams, suppliers, and other non-customer accounts? Stop mixing customers with suppliers and use a new module dedicated to these types of accounts.

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#2487 - Partner filter

Closed Feature created by germanyovan 5 years ago

I need to give access to a Partner to see the leads, opportunities, etc. Leads only to belonging to this partner and seems to addon is not that what makes

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    Please refer to the documentation

    The feature you mention is not included in this module, the busines accounts and partners module is only a clone of accounts module to let your users able to store non leads and customers in a separate module (for example we are storing our banks + contacts, our attorney, web agencies, press relation, ... that are non sens inside accounts module)

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