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#1064 - Changing fields displayed in subpanel - history

Closed Feature created by ap 7 years ago

The subpanel for a third-party displays Future Activity/History/Contacts/Account. We use the Third Party module to store supplier invoices so I have added PO field to Documents, but I can't find a way for this field to be displayed in the History table. When I look in studio, I can only modify Account and Contacts. Can this be added?

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    Hi "Ap",

    Activity and History subpanels are hardcoded by SugarCRM in the product's core. Admin can't edit these subpanels in the studio.

    what exactly do you want to achieve 'cause I don't see any links between the History subpanels and the Documents module (or you're talking about the Notes module ?)


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    7 years ago are correct, it's the Note module. To answer your question about what I am trying to achieve...I've added a text field PO to the notes module. Each of my suppliers is a Third Party contact and I create a note for each of their invoices, a copy of which I attach to the note. I use the invoice # as the subject and of course, I enter the PO in the PO field. When a Third Party's list view is shown, the HISTORY subpanel shows the notes, but I would like the field PO to be displayed in one of the columns as it will make it easier for us to find an invoice from our PO at a glance. Currently it shows Subject/Status/Contact/Dates/Assigned user.

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    Yes you are in the exact case where you can't achieve this using SugarCRM studio. Solution is by code : - Either add a column to the history collection (complex and not upgrade safe) - Or, declare a new subpanel extension for ThirdParty module just to list the Notes (and remove not activity/History). This Note subpanel will be customizable then by the studio. This can be achieved by code. Ask your sugarCRM integrator. If necessary, Captivea can help you achieve such a functionnality if you're able to provide us the access to your SugarCRM code on your hosting provider (FTP/SSH access/SQL Database access)

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      7 years ago

      OK. You have given me something to think about. Thanks very much for your information. Can you provide me with an idea of what Captivea would charge for implementing that functionality in my system? I am running a stack SugarCRM CE that has been modified to SuiteCRM on an internal server so providing access as suggested is not a problem.

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    I sent you a private email with quote and details.

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