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Need to add a company to SugarCRM, but it's not really a customer or prospect? Want to track your interactions with your partners, PR teams, suppliers, and other non-customer accounts? Stop mixing customers with suppliers and use a new module dedicated to these types of accounts.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#3290 The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of Sugar: - I am unable to upload the zip file in the module loader. I am getting the message "The uploaded fil ddimick Closed Installation
#2759 Key not working - I had downloaded this add on in my test system it works fine so I was going to add it to the live s dkarnes909 Closed Installation
#2487 Partner filter - I need to give access to a Partner to see the leads, opportunities, etc. Leads only to belonging to germanyovan Closed Feature
#1064 Changing fields displayed in subpanel - history - The subpanel for a third-party displays Future Activity/History/Contacts/Account. We use the Third ap Closed Feature
#798 Feature Request : Importing records into Business Accounts module - The Third Party add-on is proving to be very helpful to our sales staff, but it looks like it lacks ap Closed Feature