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Speed up data entry! Add, delete, or edit contacts of an account when creating a new account or editing an existing account. Simply add this BaseContactAdd field to your account editview in Studio.

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#3409 - Quick View - Add contact email address

Open Feature created by taufiqueahmed Verified Purchase 5 years ago

Big fan of this plugin as it saves time and joins to modules together well

When looking at "Accounts" List view I can add the "Contacts" field and it shows me the contacts inside the account


Inside the quick view window is it possible to add the Email address field (If swap it with description)

  1. maris-teivans member avatar

    ITrisinā Provider

    5 years ago

    We can do it. Do You want both fields - e-mail and Description to be visible?

  2. taufiqueahmed member avatar

    taufiqueahmed Verified Purchase

    5 years ago

    Just email please :)

  3. taufiqueahmed member avatar

    taufiqueahmed Verified Purchase

    4 years ago

    Hello :) Me again Can you please contact me via Skype

    I have a client requires custom changes to this plugin (in total 10 fields to be in Account edit view)

    Contact Type* Title First Name Last Name Mobile Office Phone Direct Dial* Email Address Job Title Date of Birth*

    *custom fields

    It would be great to confirm costs :)

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