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Have calculated fields and logic hooks that your business depends on for reporting and business logic. Unfortunately those rules only run when a record is saved. Background Updater runs in the background to ensure your records are regularly updated so you can be sure your data is up to date.

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#4261 - Background Updater

In Progress Bug? created by mgabriele Verified Purchase 3 years ago

We just loaded Background Updater in our dev instance. I created a background update for opportunities to run with a max of 50 records. Creating the updater was no issue. If I try to go back into the name I get an error 500. See image

Next, we noticed the schedule is supposed to run every 10 min. Our is running every min and nothing is updating. The running every min started after I created the opportunity updater. Again, see image. Pleaes get back to us so we can see why this is occurring

  1. namcorp member avatar

    Jackal Software Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    Hello, Thank you for your trial of the Background Updater and sorry you are having issues. Sorry but I do not see the image with the error you mentioned.

    Can you please attach it here or send it to please? Also would you please forward the Sugarlog by going to Admin->Diagnostic Tools and selecting sugarcrm.log. After running you will be directed to download a diagnostic file. If you could forward that as well I'd appreciate it very much.

    Thanks again.

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