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Who reassigned this meeting? When was the status field adjusted? The SugarCRM Meetings module doesn't allow Auditing the same way as other modules do. Fix that with this quick add-on.

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#3309 - parent_name and assigned_user_name

Closed Feature created by Lion Solution 5 years ago

Hi, how is it possible to audit the parent_name and assigned_user_name fields?

Thanks in advance

  1. thinkbixby member avatar

    Think Bixby Technologies Provider Affiliate

    5 years ago

    Hi Lion Solutions,

    The Assigned User ID field is automatically audited once auditing is enabled for any module, including Meetings. All you'll need to do is install this add-on and the Assigned User field will be audited moving forward.

    While the Meetings field Parent Type is available in Studio (and so it is easy to enable Auditing for), the Parent Name and Parent ID fields are not. You would need a code-level customization to the Meetings "vardef" to enable this. I believe you could simply add the following to a file located at "custom/Extension/modules/Meetings/Ext/Vardefs/audit_parent_id.php"

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