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#4418 - Call pop-ups not always working

Open Bug? created by devlicenses Verified Purchase a year ago

Hi Guys

I was hoping you could help us investigate an issue we are having with our All in one CTI Vedisoft phone integration, specifically around the events it generates to record calls in our SugarCRM 

We are running into the following sporadic problem: 1) Call will come into our main line 2) Office Admin will pick up the call, talk to the person, transfer it 3) Office Admin receive a Sugar Integration pop-up, this is expected 4) Call is picked up from the transfer and the customer will speak with one of our customer representatives 5) Call will complete No Sugar integration pop-up is generated for this call, this is not expected 

This issue only appears to happen for transferred calls. It does not happen on direct dials.This issue doesn't occur everytime. 

We reviewed some specific instances (attached) and found a call that did work and a call that didn't work.

What didn't work was the log at the end of the call which shows the call duration. There is also one line missing that may well be the one with the information about the call duration.

We've looked at the logs for both the call that worked fully and the call that worked partially and there are a couple of entries that at first glance appears to be out of order/sequence.

Thanks Jonathan

  1. devlicenses member avatar

    devlicenses Verified Purchase

    a year ago

    Hi Guys

    Just a follow up, is there an email address I could send the log file to?

    Regards Jonathan

  2. Vedisoft member avatar

    Vedisoft Provider

    a year ago

    Hello, Sorry for late answer. Please send log with problem calls to Please additionally specify the time and numbers involved in the call.

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