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#4070 - Calls are not executed

Open Bug? created by vindacochea Verified Purchase 3 years ago

I have problems with the pbx service, in the browser console the successful connection appears but when clicking on a phone number the call is not executed in the pbx.

  1. vindacochea member avatar

    vindacochea Verified Purchase

    3 years ago

    hello, any idea please

  2. Vedisoft member avatar

    Vedisoft Provider

    3 years ago

    Hi Victor, As far as I understand, you use Panasonic PBX. If so, please first of all test TAPI connection from you PBX-connector server. Run TAPI softphone to test TAPI connection and make a call via TAPI-softphone using exactly your extension. If it works, then make one more click-to-call from CRM and send to connector log and date-time and phone numbers from your attempt.

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