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#4553 Ring Central PBX - Do you support ring central pbx? shaveekapoor Open General Question
#4423 Pop up issue, outbound caller ID "User name" format? - I have done all the steps and do get the 403 forbidden but pop up does not work. I do have caller Sentinelace Open Bug?
#4418 Call pop-ups not always working - Hi Guys I was hoping you could help us investigate an issue we are having with our All in one CTI devlicenses Open Bug?
#4258 Sugar 9.2 - We have an Sugar Pro cloud installation and received a health failure from Sugar for the upgrade fr rogeliogomez Closed General Question
#4174 Allworx IP - Hello, I have a customer on SugarCRM On Demand 9.0 and were looking to connect Allworx IP. Do you ghogan Open General Question
#4070 Calls are not executed - I have problems with the pbx service, in the browser console the successful connection appears but w vindacochea Open Bug?
#4030 Chrome-> Cannot read property Call - Trying to get the PBX connector working I Have FreePBX 14.05.2 and asterisk 13.22.0 Suite CRM Loo Open Installation
#4026 compatibility question - would like to know if your plug-in will work with Cisco Contact center express version 10.5. (on-pre Polar Strategy Open General Question
#4002 All In One CTI - Uninstall Did Not Work - We ran a trial of 'All In One CTI' on our SugarCRM 7.9 server. We had some problems with it, so dec blairbuxton Closed Bug?
#3917 Working with Telekom Cloud PBX? - Hello, we use the Telekom Cloud PBX Solution and i'd like to know if this Plugin is working with invoice Closed General Question
#3858 CTI POPUP-ClickTOCall Issue - Dears, we have an issue that popup and click to call that not working. FYI: the installation done ahmed.ibrahim Closed Installation
#3724 Sugar 8 - Is the CISCO connector working with the latest version of sugar (8.0) on demand instances? rogeliogomez Closed General Question
#3654 3cx Support - Hi there, Do you support 3cx Pbx? Thanks. gkaasi Closed General Question
#3633 payment failed - Hello, my trial subscription expired today but it gives me an error message when processing the paym vindacochea Closed General Question
#3618 pbx monitor with 2 central panasonic? - Greetings, I have 2 panasonic exchanges in different network segments, linked to each other to commu vindacochea Closed General Question
#3599 pbx connector does not work with internal extensions - I managed to configure the sugarcrm plugin, but it only records external incoming calls, when intern vindacochea Closed General Question
#3596 Error connection sugarCrm to Panasonic - Hello, I had to reinstall the plugin because I just got approval to buy it, but already configured I vindacochea Closed Installation
#3517 SugarCrm not work plugin - Hello, I just installed the plugin to connect to a panasonic headset, the connector and the monitor vindacochea Closed Installation
#3472 Integration Forum 500 - Dear all, I'm looking to integrate log call from our PABX ( Proximus Forum 550) to your suiteCRM... guillaumelokabox Closed Installation
#3397 Phone calls created in every Account record - Why? - I'm wondering why one test Phone call was created in every Account record? And why is there no conta Steve10 Closed Bug?
#3354 Forced Authorization Codes - Hello! Does it work with CISCO's Forced Authorization Codes? lauragon Closed General Question
#3330 Does not work with DAHDI extensions - Hi, In SuiteCRM I´ve set the extension for my user to g2/NUMBER. So my phone rings if click-to-c edv1 Closed Bug?
#3317 Sugar - Where can we download module for version ? Thanks rogeliogomez Closed Installation
#3288 key for asterisk 1.8 - What demo key, can be used on asterisk 1.8 ? rogeliogomez Closed Installation
#3170 voipstudio - hello, are you compatible with voipstudio? ahausber Closed General Question
#3018 Vonage/Twilio - Does it work with Vonage? What about their new API? Is it compatible with Twilio? Devz Closed General Question
#3013 Decided to cancel, no need to reply to others - Too many issues. I may come back, but I need to explore other solutions first. robert2 Closed Bug?
#3012 Installed SuiteCRM module, clicked repair JS files and still nothing - I then go to a user's profile, and there's no All in One CTI area to adjust robert2 Closed Bug?
#3011 SuiteCRM there's a field with numbers for the Password and Host, but I don't see documentation - I tried this once before, became frustrated very quickly at the module and it appears I've wasted my robert2 Closed Installation
#3010 It appears the files are in Russian - I'm not sure where to set the port or add the key, and I don't think I should have to figure it out robert2 Closed Installation
#3009 Switchvox Support - Do you support Switchvox PBX? witsadmin Closed General Question
#3002 after upgrade to sugar 7.8.2 server license expired - Sugar was updated from 7.7 to 7.8 and now I am getting these messages License was paid via credit c it27 Closed Installation
#2934 SugarCRM 7.7+ extension - dont find module phone numbers - I do not find the module "phone numbers" I am only the IT guy who has to install the TAPI interface it27 Closed Installation
#2931 Plug-In Configuration "Configure AJAX User Interface" not found in Sugar 7.7 - I am follwing guide: Step it27 Closed Installation
#2930 ProstieZvonkiPanasonicService stops immeditely after starting - I am using I followed it27 Closed Bug?
#2929 Cannot download ProstieZvonki_Panasonic - I have done the steps 1-3 for Panasonic. But for step "4. PBX-connector InstallationInstall the Pro it27 Closed Installation
#2872 Unable to make it work... - Hi, I tried to install and configure your model, but it's not working. I ran into several problem lp Closed Installation
#2818 Download - Hi, just place an order to test all-in-one cti, but cant download aioc-SuiteCRM-SugarCE_20161221. mirko Closed Installation
#2683 Cisco call manger 11 - dears , i see All-In-One CTI is support cisco , so can you provide me with installation guide for c Mohammad Alshuaibi Closed Installation
#2648 Cancel Service - Hi i want cancel my subscription to All-In-One CTI. Can you say me that i need to do ? Thanks MAS IP Closed General Question
#2637 installation All-In-One CTI - Hello! [9:02:28 PM] EzSolutions SC: Module Description mcastilloz Closed Installation
#2632 installation All-In-One CTI - Hello, I need help to install all in one CTI, I follow the information, but I don't undertand som mcastilloz Closed Installation
#2625 PBX supported ? - Hi, one of our customers is looking for an integration with the new PBX they are going to install norbertgroene Closed General Question
#2502 License Key - Can I get a license key for my new purchase? Tom Hadrava Closed Bug?
#2500 Module installed and not seeing configiure on Menu - We have version 7.7 Professional Build 336 I installed the plugin and module but our instance is Tom Hadrava Closed Bug?
#2376 Switchvox Pbx - Hi do you support switchvox pbx? Amando Closed Feature
#2341 pbx - HI Team, Do you work with this PBX? chanelreb Closed Feature
#2259 Will this work with Digium Phone System - I am looking to implement this with a Digium Phone system which is based on the Asterisk technology. CRM Ninjas Closed General Question
#2249 How to set it up. - OK, I think I got my install working, it now says Connection open, when I test the connection. But I mfuse Closed General Question
#2234 SugarCRM CE integration with an Avaya PBX - Hello Guys; we are needing to integrate a SugarCRM CE instance with a CTI as the one you offer. albertomedina Closed General Question
#2216 Trial expired but never got the paid access code - My trial license is OTOSP51137347279752820619. I have been billed for service. haroldshoemaker Closed General Question
#2079 lead module damaged - error after install on lead module and interface changed ..opened like a popup not detail vie elviscela555 Closed Bug?
#2072 download link for TAPI 3 driver - i am requesting for the link to download Tapi 3 driver for avaya ip office which is a pre-requisite akabuogudestiny Closed Installation
#2063 Trial Licence - Am using Xorcom PBX Asterisk 11.21.2, want to try the click to call and call pop-up in sugar crm damon Closed Installation
#2034 Connection close with error; Code: 1006 Reason: - FreePBX 13.0.95 Current Asterisk Version: 13.7.2 SugarCRM Community Edition Version 6.5.23 (Build haroldshoemaker Closed Installation
#2024 licence key expired - Connection close with error; Code: 1006 Reason: plongino Closed Installation
#1980 Integration features - Hi, a. The standard Sugar contact detail record contain several phone numbers (type Phone): is the alex.cecconi Closed General Question
#1942 Having trouble installing the All-In-One CTI for my SuiteCRM and Avaya IP Office. - I would like to get SuiteCRM (7.4.3) using All-In-One CTI to get phone record data from our Avaya IP mfuse Closed Installation
#1917 Setup Issues - I can't seem to get the "Test Connection" to work. I am using SuiteCRM 7.4.3. I tried to foll mfuse Closed Installation
#1885 The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of SuiteCRM: 6.5.20 - The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of SuiteCRM: 6.5.20. Company use Avaya Aura thin8290 Closed Installation
#1834 Need Installation & Configuration Support - Hello there, I need help to install All-In-One CTI addon, I have uploaded and installed the addo rajkumarsolunki Closed Installation
#1737 Siemens OPENSCAPE X5 - Hello, We run a Siemens OPENSCAPE X5 rack mounted telephone system. Plase can you tell me whethe jonnie00 Closed General Question
#1731 basically, nothing works - when I click on a phone number, it doesn't work, incoming calls don't work, and testing doesn't work robert2 Closed Bug?
#1702 1006 error - unable to connect - Hi, We have started a 15 day trial from you of your All-in-0ne CTI Module. We have installed Su arpan Closed Installation
#1682 Woring on SSl - Hi, My site is working on ssl, so have to use wss on sugar crm setting, crm1 Closed Bug?
#1659 THis is not working - I cant get it to configure sbetts317 Closed Bug?
#1595 Yealink PBX support - Hello i would like to know if you support YeaLink phones. They have recently stated that they are no Amando Closed Installation
#1463 pbx/asterisk supported - Hi, Is it supported with free pbx FreePBX and Asterisk 11.12.0? litfirepublishing Closed Installation
#1379 SuiteCRM Compability? - It is compatible with SuiteCRM Version 7.2.1 (Sugar Version 6.5.20 (Build 1001)) ? Also does it s ninjanody Closed General Question
#1371 Connection close with error; Code: 1006 Reason. - I am considering the purchase of the SugarCRM connector. I have plain Asterisk and have successfull discountvoipphones Closed Installation
#1356 The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of Sugar: - Hello I downloaded the trial version 7 of all in one CTI, but when trying to upload the zip file the marco Closed Installation
#1302 Implementation with Cloud PBXs where no plugins can be installed - Is there any way we can use the product without having to modify and add the connector to the PBX it MSC Closed General Question
#1236 file not included - the file was not included but is required for the asterisk connector as p lgrover Closed Bug?
#1151 reparing - 987456321 rakesh82 Closed Bug?
#1081 Will All in one CTI work with NEC 9100 phones and Sugar 6.5 - Will All in One work with Sugar 6.5 profesional and the new NEC 9100 IP pbx with IP phones. dkaland Closed General Question
#971 Initeractive Intelligence integration - Hi there, We are currently using Polycon phones with Interactive Intelligence and would like to k mbrannan Closed General Question
#969 Twilio - Hi, would you consider adding support for Twilio? Thanks Vincent Closed Feature