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Get more accurate addresses and speed up data-entry time. Auto-suggests addresses as you start to type. Auto-fills street, city, state, country, and zip code reducing address entry time by 90%. Works world-wide. Simplified data entry for contacts, accounts, and leads.

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#4101 Hello...Hello...Hello...Helllo - Is thing thing on?? Just curious if you are still in business and if your product is still being sup Nbonenfant Open General Question
#4083 Online version 8.3.0 - Does this integration work with the most recent version on Sugar online 8.3.0? Nbonenfant Open General Question
#3455 compatible with Suite CRM running IIS and MSSQL? - hello is your module compatible with Microsoft SQL ? is the control accessible for blind person? sergepelletier Closed General Question
#2904 Version Compatibility - Hi there, I'm wondering if this works with SugarCRM Professional, Version Thanks in advan jfbernard Closed General Question
#2894 Plugin has stopped working with SuiteCRM 7.7.x and 7.8.1 - Hi, The plugin has now failed on both our development and production servers since we have update jonnie00 Open Bug?
#2472 Compatibility with Sugar 7.1? - Hi - Will your Address look-up tool ever be further developed to work with Sugar V 7.1? Thanks. Hamish Closed General Question
#2469 installed on SuiteCRM, not showing anything - I've installed the trial, but nothing is showing up as I type the address. What could be the issue? JannelysA Open Bug?
#2466 Working with dropdown lists of Country and State - We are implementing Version 7.2.3 of SuiteCRM (based on Sugar CRM Version 6.5.20). But we have addap JannelysA Open Feature
#2438 Address lookup with suiteCRM 7.7.1 just gives !!!!!!!!!!!! when you type in the address field - I have suiteCRM 7.7.1 and have installed the Address Lookup plugin. I have entered the licence key a PaulaJoynson Open Bug?
#2132 SuiteCRM 7.5.3 issues - Hi folks, I'm working with an Address Lookup user right now and both of us are unable to get it t jason Closed Bug?
#1929 Address Lookup only for Accounts/Contacts/Leads? - Hi, I need to know if I can use the Address Lookup for others modules created by me with the Suitecr alexbiet Closed General Question
#1923 Address Lookup for others modules created by me - Hi, I need to know if I can use the Address Lookup for others modules created by me with the Suitecr alexbiet Closed Bug?
#1916 Compatibility with Suitecrm Version 7.2.1 - Hi, could you please confirm that is it possible to install on SuiteCrm Version 7.2.1 ? Thanks, alexbiet Closed General Question
#1801 Please make available for Sugar7 - Will purchase immediately. -Freddy fareedjreisat Closed General Question
#1773 discount code - HI, can I get a discount code for order? we have the intension to buy that. Jeffrey Jeffrey@aco aco Closed General Question
#1568 Making it work on Custom modules - Hi, Firstly, thanks for a great module! It works very well. I was wondering how difficult it wo jonnie00 Closed General Question
#1297 Upgrade - We are looking at upgrading from 6.5.16 PRO to 7.5.2 PRO (onsite), will/does your module migrate o mpeet1 Closed General Question
#1137 Suburb - Hello, Sadly it appears this isn't going to meet our needs. the suburb is appended to the Street Ad aaf Closed General Question
#1108 Address Verification - Hello, I really like this plugin, though, I was hoping it did address verification. For Address rpaynter Closed Feature
#926 Sugar7 ready? - Hi, when will this be ready for Sugar v7? sfridell Closed General Question
#909 Country Names - Is there a way to convert the country name into a 3 digit country code? Our process / accounting so jjeffries Closed Feature
#894 Will Address Lookup work in custom modules - We have a few custom modules where users enter addresses. Can your Address Lookup add-on be used wit cholly Closed General Question

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