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#609 - Failed Install

Closed Installation created by jay4linux Verified Purchase 8 years ago

After clicking on the Execute button on the final step of the install, a blank page was displayed (the menu bar was still there). So I clicked on the admin menu. Then I just get a page with Loading..... I checked the logs and I get the PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size... It was set to 128M in php.ini. I increased it to 512m, restarted apache. Refreshed the page for sugarcrm, same results, Loading... and a PHP Fatal error now saying it exausted all 512m. So I increased it to 5120M. Still same result now saying exhausted 5120M..

My sugar instance is dead in the water.. How do I either back out of the module install or get it to start working?

  1. jay4linux member avatar

    jay4linux Verified Purchase

    8 years ago

    Restored from backup and ran the install again. This time after clicking the execute button, it did show this as an error: Request failure, or, missing/invalid parameter. Please contact technical support

    • synolia member avatar

      synolia Provider Affiliate

      8 years ago


      We don't understand this type of errors because all of our customers never made this kind of feedback unfortunately. Did you make a Quick Repair and Rebuild before the installation of the package?

      The "Request failure...." is a standard SugarCRM message and you should have the real error in the SugarCRM log file if you want to try to investigate.

      If that requires too much time for you, and we can understand that, you can easily ask a refund because you are on your 30 days trial period.

      Best regards,

  2. synolia member avatar

    synolia Provider Affiliate

    7 years ago

    Hello jay4linux, Did you manage to install the plugin correctly ? If not, please don't hesitate to ask for a refund on SugarOutfitters, this error is probably not directly linked to our plugin.

  3. jay4linux member avatar

    jay4linux Verified Purchase

    7 years ago

    Yes, I was able to install it correctly!! Not sure why it was not working in our test environment, but once we deployed it on production server it installed with no issues. We are now starting to use it. Will write a review after we have had time to learn it. Thanks! Please close this support request.

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